How to Make Tiny Paper Mache Dogs

The author makes it easy for you to create a tiny paper mache dog of your own. You only need a few basic tools and some inexpensive materials that you might already have on hand.

First, choose a pattern from the 27 breeds included in the book. Then build your armature by bending the wires as shown in the book. This makes sure that your finished sculpture will have the right proportions for your breed.

Add a few bits of crumpled aluminum foil, paper strips and paste, and paint – and you’ve just created a delightful little dog. They make wonderful gifts for dog lovers, and with all the patterns in the book you can even make one to remember a good friend who’s no longer with you.

Your tiny paper mache dogs will become family keepsakes that will be treasured for years to come.

I love down to earth artists and Jonni is as unpretentious as they come! Good solid advice, easy to follow photos and written instructions (I am a “watch it being done” artist so when I say these were easy to follow photos-they were! Often How to books are not as complete or lack a critical clarifying step compared to watching it on say, YouTube.

Best of all there were no fancy, artsy, get a loan from your bank ingredients! The little animals are charming and like everything, practice makes perfect. Totally suitable for rank beginners to anyone who is accomplished in sculpture. You can tweak, adapt or recreate your own as needed as you learn her techniques. Age groups would probably be from teen or tween (age 11 and up) but that depends on the concentration level. The idea of using cardboard patterns is helpful as not everyone can visualize the final results from a wire armature 🙂

Finally, the way I judge all my how to art books…Did I get my money’s worth from this book? You bet! Did I learn just one thing that
made the book worth whatever I paid? You bet!

BTW, as a former dog show handler turned professional artist, I found Jonni’s dogs delightful! Buy this book, collect the materials and have fun. If you make just one dog, you will have accomplished a goal-you did it yourself 🙂 No one outgrows Show and Tell!

T. Filarsky –
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