How to Make Masks!

How to Make Masks

Easy New Way to Make a Mask for Masquerade, Halloween and Dress-Up Fun, With Just Two Layers of Fast-Setting Paper Mache

This book teaches new techniques that anyone can use to create fabulous masks easily and quickly. Make one of the 12 popular mask styles in the book following the detailed instructions and over 300 step-by-step photos – or use these easy new methods to create your own unique designs.

Jonni shows you exactly how to sculpt the features of your masks so they truly represent the character and expression you’re looking for.

Then capture that look permanently with just two layers of super-strong, fast-setting paper mache, using the recipes included in the book.

Your finished masks can look like they were made from fur or feathers, antique gold, ancient bone, rusted iron, glazed porcelain, and even carved and highly polished African wood.

The innovative methods in this book are easy, the materials cost just pennies per mask, and your new creations will be just as much fun to make than they are to wear.

Recently I searched mask-making and came across a YouTube tutorial posted by Jonni Good. She was so thorough and made her techniques look so easy; I couldn’t wait for her to post the next segment of the process. After watching all three YouTube posts on her Panalone mask, I bought this book. Great recipes for gesso and paste that are über easy and inexpensive.

The author’s explanations in the book are as concise and understandable as her tutorial videos – really, really good stuff! Lots of great photos. I recommend this book for paper mâché artists at any level. I have some experience with mask-making, paper mâché and the history of comedia del arte and I found this book to be a very worthwhile investment.

Aside: Jonni Good seems to be a real animal lover. Her cat is singing (meowing) away in one of the video tutorials. Pretty funny.

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