How to Make Adorable Baby Animal Dolls

They’re soft and cuddly and made by you – the perfect gift for any collector who appreciates hand-crafted dolls. And they’re easy to make!

In this book the author shows you exactly how to make these adorable dolls, leading you through the entire process every step of the way. These are the same designs the author used when she sold them at major juried art shows in the Northwest, and they sold out every time. Once you pick one up, you’re in love.

Your dolls won’t cost much to make, and every doll will be an original, one-of-a-kind work of art. Because no two dolls ever come out exactly alike, each doll will have it’s own personality and character.

The kitten, bunny and puppy heads are hand-sculpted over a simple armature. You don’t need a kiln, because you’ll be using home-made air-dry clay – the recipe is included. The resulting heads are seamless, hollow, and surprisingly strong.

The bodies and ears are made out of soft, huggable cotton velour, and the toes are sculpted with a few easy stitches. Adorable! You’ll find patterns for dresses and overalls inside the book, too.

Note: The dolls in this book are intended for adult collectors or older children, not babies.

I love the ways the author has to make the animals in this book. Their little faces are so cute and solve on of the most difficult problems associated with making stuffed animals; the heads. This book shows a wonderful new way of making the heads (but you’ll love making the bodies too.)

Avrahom Kaiser –
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