The Owl Thief: A Utah O’Brien Mystery




If you have a bone in your body that likes a good mystery, then pick up this book for a fantastic ride. I never knew what a cozy mystery was (apparently Agatha Christie style), but this book has all the elements. The pace never lagged and the ending had all the expected twists and turns plus a bonus. My favorite thing is Jocko, the dog (of course – I love dogs). Every good mystery needs a dog. The book is entertaining from the hook on page one to the last line. Great job.

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Gossip, blackmail and murder in a small Minnesota town …

Utah O’Brien is an artist and sculptor. You can’t miss her place – there’s a life-sized woolly mammoth standing right outside her front door. She’s also running for mayor, and everyone thought she’d win – but that was before Utah became the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

Utah would love to go home to her studio and work on her next sculpture, but with the sheriff out of town, Utah has to uncover some of her neighbors’ darkest secrets and find out who really killed Larry Webb.

Friends of all ages enthusiastically volunteer to help her investigate, including Mort, the 70-something retired sheriff who jumps at the chance to be a cop again (unofficially, of course). In fact, some of her friends think it will be great fun – especially Jocko, Utah’s faithful Border collie, who always does what he’s told. (Well, almost always).

Will Utah be able to stop the gossip and solve the mystery before the election? She’d better hurry. Voting starts in just three days.

This is the first Utah O’Brien cozy mystery, featuring the eccentric citizens of West Elmer, MN.

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