How to Make Adorable Baby Animal Dolls

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This book offers step by step instructions to making the most adorable dolls. The instructions were clear and concise- easy to follow. I did a mini lop rabbit doll for my daughter and she loved it! it was fun to make and there were no surprises as I followed the directions. Great book, fun author.
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In this book the author shows you exactly how to make adorable baby animal dolls, leading you through the entire process every step of the way.

Your dolls won’t cost much to make, and every doll will be an original, one-of-a-kind work of art.

Since no two dolls ever come out exactly alike, each doll will have it’s own personality and character. You won’t have to learn how to make molds for the doll heads, because each one is hand-sculpted over a simple armature.

You don’t need a kiln, because you’ll be using home-made air-dry clay instead of porcelain. The resulting heads are seamless, hollow, and surprisingly strong.

The bodies and ears are made out of soft, huggable cotton velour, and the toes are sculpted with a few easy stitches. Adorable! The dolls in this book are intended for adult collectors or older children, not babies.

How to Make Adorable Baby Animal Dolls: With Soft-Sculpted Bodies and Heads Made with Silky-Smooth Home-Made Air-Dry Clay is now available on!


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